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We Know Texas Towing Compliance Makes a Difference – Victim Testimonial

From Chasidy Sargent in Houston, These guys are phenomenal my car was towed in my own apartments because I parked in visitors, there were no other available spaces for me to park. Needless to say I’m pregnant with twins so it’s a hassle for me as it is. I begged the staff in my apartments […]

The Only Reasons Vehicles Maybe Towed from Apartment Complexes in Texas

Texas regulates all aspects of private property towing, especially from apartment complexes and a vehicle can only be towed for reason as stated in State Law and no other reasons. Its important to remember, the Texas Towing Law is about “who” may park and prohibit all others, but not “how” they park. Per Texas Occupations […]

How To Collect Civil Damages After Being Towed by K&K Towing Regardless the Reason Towed

K&K Towing continues to tow vehicles without the owner’s consent in violation of the Texas Towing, Storage & Booting Law, a State Law, that allows a vehicle owner or operator to collect no less than a $1000, plus triple what you paid to get your vehicle back, in addition to the cost of repairs resulting […]

Where all Texas Law Enforcement Agencies Can Be Trained How to Enforce the Texas Towing. Booting & Storage Law

It’s a known fact based our organization’s continuing strike team operations around the State of Texas, most local and county law enforcement agencies lack the necessary law enforcement training to investigate, file the criminal charges and regulate tow companies whom operate in their jurisdiction. Rather a small or large police department or sheriff’s department, it […]

Bexar Towing Outright Steals Vehicle – San Antonio

A tow truck operator towed a vehicle, belonging to a resident, vehicle listed on lease, with current inspection/registration, no flats or leaking fluids, because the vehicle was “dirty” looking and hadn’t moved from the assigned paid parking space. The vehicle owner, an US Air Force pilot, upon returning from an overseas flight, of transporting military […]

K&K Towing Stealing Vehicles From a Street in Bridge City, Texas

K&K Towing, in Liberty, Texas has committed a huge mistake, by removing vehicles without the owner’s consent from a public street in Bridge City, Texas without law enforcement authority and towing them to Beaumont, Texas. Folks, this is outright auto theft and their drivers are subject to arrest, as K&K Towing lacks the required tow […]

TDLR Issues More Low Dollar Fines to Licensees Who Refuse to Follow the Required Drug Testing of Employees

It appear some licensees just don’t learn, thinking they are above the law, that is until a friendly TDLR Investigator arrives at their place of business, to conduct an investigation, after a dissatisfied customers files a incident report with us, to which is forwarded to TDLR Enforcement. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know, […]

A 1 Towing Knowingly Violating the Rights of A&M & Blinn Colleges Students

The college students, their parents, friends, citizens of Bryan and College Station are being targeted by local predatory tow companies’ vehicle storage facilities while in the process of violating the Rights of a Stored Vehicle Owner or Operator.  When going to a vehicle storage facility to get your vehicle backed after being towed without your […]

TDLR Continues March To Shutdown Nick Massey’s Criminal Enterprises

The public in the DFW area are under assault by businesses owned and operated by Nick Massey, which by all accounts are nothing more than criminal enterprises, as Massey in his mind believes he is above the law and refuse to allow TDLR investigators to enter his business office locations for the purpose of investigating […]

John Deloach: the San Antonio Narcissistic Sociopath

It comes with no surprise John Deloach, the owner of Bexar Towing would spew lies about our organization’s founder, Mr Pat Johnson, whom was told in writing by his doctors, is dying after a 34 year battle with the AIDS Epidemic. I do not know Mr. Deloach, but for any business owner to introduce himself […]

Non-compliant Tow Signs Remain Prime Reason for 404 Lawsuits

When towed from a parking lot with a sign as shown above, the vehicle owner or operator should file the Small Claims Court Lawsuit for Statutory Violations against the property management company and landowner, leaving the tow company out of the lawsuit. Based on the continued pleading by the attorneys representing these companies and landowners, […]

Some TDLR Licensees Never Imagined They Would Be Caught

An unhappy employee can make or break a company, in some cases, as in these latest round of agreed orders, it was a licensee that could no longer stomach the way their employers operated their business. What we like, is a company’s own employees providing insider information to regulatory agencies, being TDLR, the IRS, TCEQ, […]

Nicholas Massey, 37 Years Old, President of Merlin Transport & Avalon Storage Services TDLR Battle Update

John Nicholas Massey, born July 26, 1979, President of Merlin Transport and Avalon Storage Services have been battling the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations for well over 10 years, for continued violations of State Law, all well documented. Through his lawyer, James Mosser, Massey has pulled just about every stunts to prolong the debacle, […]

Free Money – Southwest Auto Tow – SWAT Parking Permits

Anybody that has been towed by Southwest Auto Tow (SWAT) in the DFW area from an apartment complex because your vehicle lacked a parking permit, your in entitled to no less than $1000 plus three times what you paid, in addition to the cost of repairs to your vehicles caused by the towing and storage […]

Law Enforcement Should Notify TDLR Anytime a Tow Truck Operator is Ticketed or Arrested

Any time a police officer, deputy sheriff, deputy constable, state trooper or any law enforcement agency write a citation or arrest a tow truck operator, it’s imperative they send a copy of the probable cause affidavit or traffic citation to the TDLR Enforcement. The reason being, if a licensee is arrested or cited prior to […]

Insurance Companies put Tow Companies in Texas on Notice

A confidential insurance company internal document describes the tow industry as dysfunctional, operating well outside acceptable business practices and reveals drivers involved in accidents are charged astronomical fees by operators. It cited the example of a tow driver climbing into the back of an ambulance where paramedics were treating a man and pressuring him to […]

Feedback From Tow Victims Across Texas

The following comments are from victims of predatory towing across Texas sent via the Texas Towing Compliance website, we encourage all victims provide us feedback reference the mental anguish and hardships you experienced after finding your vehicle was towed away. Jennifer McClellan Hello I came across your website while researching Texas Impound Services. Very unethical […]

They Just Don’t Learn, Sooner or Later They Are Caught – TTC Education Matters

Nothing surprises us anymore with TDLR licensees, some steal, a larger number of PPI licensees pay bribes, damage vehicle, then claim prior damage, steal personal property from locked vehicles, destroy transmission, smoke narcotics and outright knowingly violate the many rules and regulations of the Texas Occupations Code 2308 enforced by the Texas Department of Licensing […]

More TDLR Agreed Orders with Fines Issued – Update

We will keep this article short, but TDLR continues to issue fines and license revocations, because vehicle owners are filing complaints and everyone should file the TDLR complaint regardless the reason your vehicle is towed or booted. Therefore the latest to continue violating the law and burning the public are shown below, many whom are […]

Red River Apartments Tow Scam by Reliant Towing

The Red River Apartments located at 3301 Red River in Austin, Texas is latest report of a tow scam by Reliant Towing according to call to the Tow Hotline and photographs provided by victims. After reviewing the tow signage at this address, it has been determined not one tow sign posted meets the minimum requirements […]

Avoid Westwind Transport Due to Fraudulent Billing Practices & Death of Pedestrian

Westwind Transport, located in Big Spring, Texas is a classic example of an unscrupulous tow business, as the owner, Jerry Guest Jr commits insurance fraud on every traffic accident involving tractor trailers, that travel IH 20 and holds the “cargo” hostage until the entire tow/storage bill is paid in full.  Guest in his mind thinks […]

Southwest Tow Operators Under the Microscope by FBI & IRS

We have talked to hundreds tow company owners reference the continued calls from the Southwest Tow Operators regarding their annual membership fee and the benefit they gain from paying it. After our conversations with these owners, the majority agree, the money they ask for does nothing for them, as most continue to be issued administrative […]

Operation Dream Chasers Commences

Nine Houston based strike teams commenced operations to address rogue repo trucks taking vehicles from apartment complexes in the Tomball, Jersey Village and Bear Creek areas earlier, with 15 bait vehicles.  At approximately 2:45am, an unlicensed tow truck operator was nabbed in the process of towing a bait vehicle, whom was arrested for outstanding felony […]

Auto Return Contractor 620 Lakeside Towing Damages APD Impound

The photo above is a vehicle, impounded by the Austin Police Department after the driver was arrested for Reckless Driving, that Auto Return Contractor 620 Lakeside Towing arrived to load on the wheel-lift of a rollback to be transported to their vehicle storage facility located at 12400 ANDERSON MILL RD, AUSTIN, TX. 78726. The vehicle sustained damage […]

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