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June 2016 TDLR Fines, Revokations and Judgements

HELMS, MAX P Company: MICKEY’S AUTO REPAIR City: VICTORIA County: VICTORIA Zip Code: 77901 License #: 5154583C Complaint # TOW20160014121  Date: 6/29/2016 Respondent is assessed an administrative penalty of $3,000. An administrative penalty of $1,000 is assessed for TOW20160014121; and an administrative penalty of $2,000 is assessed for VSF20160014156. Respondent’s tow truck failed to have […]

More TDLR Fines for Tow Companies and Vehicle Storage Facilities

Predatory tow company J&J Towing finally got there put in their place after being busted and fined by the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations for failing to drug test their employees which cost Frank Sapp $3000.00.  Ranger Tow located in Houston has been busted many times by the Houston Police Department’s Auto Dealers Detail […]

Austin Update: AutoReturn Tow Contractors, Pronto Wrecker Service & APD Wrecker Unit

Based on facts, the Auto Return towing management contract with the Austin Police Department has helped clear accidents quicker, but some tow truck operators aren’t cleaning of the debris caused by traffic accidents. According to both the Austin Fire Department and the Texas Department of Transportation, the amount of vehicle body parts, bumpers, broken glass, […]

Denton Thug Gary Phillips, Owner of Texas Impound Services Fined $750 by TDLR

Gary Phillips, a shady businessman who thinks he is above the law, disliked by just about everyone in Denton county that owns a vehicle and known by many, a “THUG” received a $750 fine from the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations, because his lying daughter Lisa Phillips failed to report an illegally towed private […]

Port Arthur Under Assault by Predatory Towing to Be Addressed With New Towing Ordinance

The entire Port Arthur City Council agree their citizens and visitors are under assault by dishonest tow companies, property owners, business owners and property management companies.  By the end of June, this new ordinance will regulate both consent and nonconsent towing or booting fees, establish guidelines, require the issuance of a Port Arthur PD Tow […]

K & K Towing Southeast Texas Update – Arm Yourselves With Mace/Pepper Spray

K & K Towing continues to tow vehicles in violation of State Law due to their illegal tow signs and lining the pockets of those who hire them to terrorize the public, unabated, as local law enforcement is addressing the issue at a snail’s pace. Therefore, we recommend the public, instead of resorting to violence […]

300+ Victims in Massive Illegal Towing Scam in Fort Worth by Lone Star Towing & Tarrant County Water District

Massive 300+ Vehicles Illegal Towing Scam in Fort Worth by Lone Star Towing under contract with the Tarrant County Water District, due to illegal tow signs posted. The recommended method to recover damages against Lone Star Towing and the TCWD is by filing the Small Claims Court Lawsuit for Statutory Violations, as vehicle owner or […]

The Bulldozer Theft & Storage Conspiracy by Davis & Rash of Houston, Texas

UPDATE: MAY 30, 2016  It’s official, both credit card charges to get their stolen bulldozer back have been disputed with their credit card issuer, so both of companies are out of luck and criminal charged are being today. STORY DETAILS: What might have been a great opportunity in the mind of criminal with a tow […]