Austin Police Department Tow Contract Bid Compromised

The City of Austin has rebid the Austin Police Department’s towing contract twice and now, based on comments of the current contractor, Southside Wrecker, Inc’ drivers, the bid process has been compromised.

In an email dated November 11, 2014 to the purchasing officer (Erin D’Vincent) with the Finance Department recently, which has not been answered as of date:

Has the bid tabulations been revealed on this contract?

If not, can you explain how Bobby New, President of Southside Wrecker, Inc knew to tell his employees, that Southside will be awarded the contract, because of “Bobby’s Magic Powers” with the COA, when the City Council has yet to vote to award the contract to anyone?

Even Southside’s heavy-duty tow truck operators are telling other tow company owners/drivers they are being awarded the contract and the contract has not even been awarded.

If Bobby New’s influence is that great, then the citizens of Austin and other companies will never be allowed to succeed in any COA contract for services or afford to get their vehicle released when impounded under the direction of APD..

In the eyes of those whom known for years, after Southside has retained the APD contract for more 30 years, CORRUPTION and INFLUENCE PEDDLING is alive and well within APD, Purchasing & Finance departments and City Council, especially after the bid amendment dated 8/27/14 mysteriously disappeared from the rebid file.

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The public can form their own opinion, but the several current city council members and Mayor have received campaign donations as well as members of the police department trips to Corpus Christi for deep sea fishing and hunting deer on New’s ranch property over the years from Bobby New, all of which recommended and voted to award the contract to them.

Please read the current contract and all the emails between different individuals involved and then you will understand the concerns of many people about the bidding process of this current rebid of the 2014 Contract being compromised already.

The current contract in question which Council has yet to vote on, if worth an estimated $20M over the course of the contract.

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