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Reliant Towing Driver Arrested for Assault Causing Bodily Injury Family Violence

Donald Elliott II, a tow truck operator employed by Reliant Towing has been arrested and charged with “Assault Causing Bodily Injury Family Violence” in Austin, Texas. This charge after being found guilty or placed on deferred adjudication probation, based on the TDLR criminal background guidelines, will result in the revocation of Mr. Elliott’s TDLR Tow […]

Classic Towing Sets Up Property Managers to Lose in Court

Classic Towing, located in Sugarland, Texas has created a financial nightmare for apartment complexes whom signed a tow contract to enforce parking permits. Matter of fact, 48 complaints have been filed TDLR with more to come for Mr. Bryan Miller’s criminal conduct (2308.405). This is a major “no no” for a tow company licensee, to […]

Sega Towing Has Dealt Themselves & Account a Fatal Costly Mistake

Sega Towing, in Fort Worth, Texas, also a member of the Southwest Tow Operators, believe they can tow someone’s vehicle from a parking lot, bearing no tow signs and not suffer the consequences. This location is a service station by the name of Everman’s Shell at 8654 South Fwy, Fort Worth, TX. This property has […]

Once Again, TDLR Commissioners Responsible For Waste of Tax Dollars

Texas Governor Gregg Abbott must take control of the Commissioners of the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations (TDLR), as their cronyism and incompetent decisions as body is a total waste of our tax dollars, an insult to the hard work of TDLR employees without forgetting the thousands of work hours they put in to […]

CWS Recovery Towing Vehicles Illegally Throughout DFW Area

CWS Recovery who tows vehicles from apartment complexes throughout the DFW area, is towing vehicles illegally, because their tow signs do not comply with State Law. A photo of their sign above, was sent to us today, is posted at an apartment complex in Richardson, Texas. The person who sent the photo after calling the […]

Towing Terrorism by Atlas Towing Targeting San Antonio Metroplex

Anyone who drives or owns any type of vehicle in the San Antonio metroplex are advised, if your vehicle is towed or attempted to be towed, without your permission by Atlas Towing & Recovery, your being scammed without a doubt. The BS $500 fine the six TDLR commissioners gave the owner of Atlas earlier this […]

TDLR Keeps Pace with Issuing Administrative Fines for Licensees Who Refuse to Obey The Law

We are quite pleased at the progress of the TDLR Prosecutors, Investigators and Enforcement Staff in dealing with the onslaught of complaints coming in from around state by consumers who believed they were taken advantage of. We don’t expect a slowdown in complaints being filed anytime soon, as certain members of the Southwest Tow Operators […]

The Beaumont Police Department Should Remove K&K Towing From Rotation List

The Beaumont Police Department should remove K&K Towing from its collision rotation list due to continued financial nightmares, outright stealing of vehicles, then holding them hostage for a ransom, to be paid by none other than the citizens of Beaumont, Texas. It’s absolutely disgusting how law enforcement agencies who have the ability in Jefferson County […]

Bexar Towing Outright Steals Two Vehicles & False Imprisonment of Senior Citizen

John Deloach, the owner of Bexar Towing located in San Antonio, Texas is not known by the San Antonio Police Department, as someone who obeys the law, nor operates his tow company with not one shred of moral ethics. I, personally know Deloach, as at time when I was the General Manager for Johnny Bates […]

Predatory Minded Tow Companies Use Christmas Holidays To Harass & Steal

Around the Christmas holidays, we know based on history, predatory tow truck and boot operators will capitalize on residents and their guests in apartment complexes. It’s one thing to tow a vehicle in someone’s assigned parking space (most marked illegally), but to tow someone’s vehicle for displaying an expired inspection (Texas did away with Inspection […]

The Van Horn Con Artist A&A Repair Fined $9800 by TDLR

A&A Repair in Van Horn, Texas is a prime example why the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations should set the maximum Incident Management Tow Fees for the entire state. This company conducts tow, vehicle storage facility and roadside service operation without honesty, integrity and trustworthiness and all major trucking companies would be wise NOT […]

Allstar Towing in Dallas Designated “Criminal Enterprise” linked to Domestic Terrorism

“always record everything while at this facility” Allstar Towing in Dallas, Texas is by far one of the many worst tow companies in the State of Texas, but given the fact they are members of the Southwest Tow Operators, stealing for living is par to course. Jonathan Reza, the owner of Allstar prides himself at […]

More TDLR Administrative Fines for Those Who Deserve It

TDLR continues to send Christmas cards to their licensees after their Elves dropped by to pay them of a visit about their business practices of which constitutes violations of the Texas Towing, Storage & Booting Act. It does not take a rocket scientist to obey the regulations and rules set forth in State Law, but […]

Austin Police Department Provides Protection to Criminal Enterprises

It makes no difference who the police chief is in Austin and 90% of local police departments, as for the past 50 years, unscrupulous tow company owners have enjoyed the privilege to engage in organized criminal activity with impunity. As an example to level of corruption that exist within APD ranks: Underneath Interstate 35 Towing […]

More TDLR Fines For Those Who Refuse To Obey the Law

The power to file a complaint against licensees after vehicle owners, operators and insurance companies believe they were taken advantage, is sending shock waves through the towing/storage facility industries. MORGAN, JACK MORGAN, MERLINE D Company: JR’S AUTOMOTIVE LLC NO. 0646880VSF City: LONGVIEW County: GREGG Zip Code: 75605 License #: 647352vsf Complaint # VSF20130012366 Date: 11/23/2015 […]

Illegally Marked Designated Parking Spaces Will Pay You $1000 if towed from one

  If your vehicle is towed and the reason given is you were in a designated, reserved, visitor or restricted parking space without a permit, there is an excellent chance your vehicle was illegally towed. The only way possible per state law, for a parking space to be reserved or designated for someone, is that […]

Parasites at Eagle Towing Finally Nabbed After Torchy’s Taco Victim Files TDLR Complaint

Gaylynn and Woody Sizemore, the owners of Eagle Towing, say they “pray to God.” But these two deluded buffoons at best, vainly imagining that they are Christians while they make a living stealing from others. There is no way to justify what these thieves are doing for a living. Make posters and post them! File […]

Update on Tow Signs Posted in San Marcos, Will Tow, Southwest & Saucedo’s Legal, Rios still Illegal

Update: December 6, 2015 There is only three tow companies (Southwest, Will Tow & Saucedo) providing a legal tow sign, while “Rios Towing” continues towing with illegal tow signs posted in San Marcos, Texas. Among the issues, outdated tow signs, tow signs posted in the wrong locations, only Rios Towing fails to provides an updated […]

Corruption Within San Antonio Municipal Court Prosecutors Office

It’s of our professional opinion (not SAPD) there is a mole (corruption) within the Municipal Court Prosecutor Office reference valid criminal case files being destroyed instead of being prosecuted against tow company owners and tow truck drivers. This issue has been happening for no less than 20 years as SAPD has filed hundreds of cases, […]

J&J Towing Warning Sticker Pays No Less Than $800 if $193.30 is Paid

If your vehicle was towed after this orange sticker was affixed to the windshield, you can expect to collect no less than $800, if you paid $193.30 to get your vehicle back from J&J Towing when represented by the Law Office of Richard Michael. Should a vehicle owner or operator choose to represent themselves and […]

Finally, No More Federal Preemption of Tow Industry Nationwide Signed Into Law by President Obama

I have been waiting for this action by Congress and a President to end the federal oversight of the tow industry by returning the regulation back to the states and political subdivisions since it began in 1995. Now city governments can put a stop once in for all of dishonest tow companies prowling parking lots, […]

Perfect Example of Importance of Safety Chains on Tow Trucks

Galveston Tow Scam Victim Scores Big Win Against Marty’s Towing LLC of Galveston

Marty’s Wrecker Towing LLC in Galveston has burned 1000’s of tourists with impunity, from the Houston area while spending the weekend on Island. But one victim found the Texas Towing Compliance website, educated himself, read many articles, followed the evidence gathering protocol, prepared his case carefully, filed the 404 Lawsuit in JP McCumber’s Court that […]

The Austin Police Department Puts Storage Facilities on Notice

Last night and mostly everyday, citizens are calling 911 reference J&J demanding they sign their paperwork after payment has been made, prior to gaining the release of their vehicles. The incident last night dealt with two issues, (1) J&J mailed the Certified Letter for the Expired Registration/Inspection Stickers for the property manager (2308.402 violation) and […]

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